lunes, marzo 28, 2005

Una moda "de puta madre 69" (II)

Pues ha resultado que un informador de onde los Cantabros (que no esos otros que se rompían cuando iban a la fuente) ha encontrao más acerca del "último grito":

De Puta Madre 69 - The expression De Puta Madre was originated in Spain and in italian it means I feel good, I am de puta madre. The brand De Puta Madre was born in a spanish jail by a colombian drug dealer who was arrested in 1991 in Barcelona (Spain) for traffic of drugs and weapons and he was condemed to 20 years in prison until 2011. While in jail the colombian made friends with his cell mate called I.F.U. (his names initials); they both tried to start a project to set free their inner sensations, as they strongly regreted for the iligal actions they had done in the past. So they started to make t-shirts with printed slogans & legends smuggling them out of jail. Thanks to this initiative success they decided to spread the brand De Puta Madre. Once out of jail, I.F.U. searches for a producer who he can share his thoughts with, creating the brand De Puta Madre, already known around the world. Therefore, I.F.U. starts to produce & print out these t-shirts in Latin America & now in Italy aswell with very strong words as: dead arm, cocaine, drug traffic. The real message laying beneath these words is: Do not immitate our words, do not commit iligal actions, do not use drugs to feel different, but wear our t shirts to be always the best in every way, without using artificial things that will kill you.

Nivelón. Duchas.


Blogger Lorenia said...

Mi madre. Pensé que tú habías escrito eso antes de ver el enlace y me iba a dar un patatus, por el estilo de "por favor deja de estudiar alemán, tío, que tu inglés muerreeee." :P

10:26 p. m.  

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