domingo, noviembre 06, 2005

Mobile Impressions

I might start writing some entries in English. For no particular reason, appart from the fact that I should be practising way much more English than I'm doing here, surrounded by Spaniards. Besides, it happens to be the "language of choice" of the one I basically write for.

Bored as I was today, I found while browsing through the pictures I've made with my mobile's shitty camera some quite mmm... weird stuff laying around.

Swiss finest

If you happen to visit Geneva sometime, you'll probably find out as I did that bars close around 1am. Laaame. Then you and your also wrecked friends will try to find that place this guy wrote about where a funny sticker was. A very shit-hole alike place, not bad at all if you don't mind about that detail. It was called L'usine (The Factory). Never before had I seen such résumé of a regular partying schedule.

Blow me

On the other hand, you won't have this problem while hanging out in Denmark. At least not around Copenhagen. It's quite common that bars and discos stay open late into the night... 5am or even 7. And you never know if you'll happen to need to assert to drunkness by buying one of these Alcohol Tester things. You better not ride your stolen bike if, in the retardness of the moment, fancy buying one. Then you are really wasted. No need for any test.
Ah, by the way, they're sold in the toilets, among the compulsory all-flavoured condoms. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.


Blogger Lorenia said...

Besides, it happens to be the "language of choice" of the one I basically write for.



4:20 p. m.  
Blogger Jil. LO said...

Alcohol testers!! What a wonderful device!!!

Hahhaah very good pic David!

2:46 p. m.  

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